Friday, August 7, 2009

When We Were Young

When we were young,
Fearless and free,
We were able to dream,
Dream a million different tales,
Dream that we can touch the sky,
Dream that we could save lives,
Dream about the future,
And trust it won't be crushed.

When we were young,
Adventurous and daring,
We were bold and dared to roam the world,
To roam the seven seas,
The seven continents,
And to explore this beautiful place,
We call Earth.

When we were young,
We didn't have to worry,
About tomorrow, about what's coming,
We didn't have to worry,
About emotions, or feelings.

Raised and taken cared of by our parents,
We grow to become,
Fearless, Free, Adventurous, Daring,
They taught us to be,
Dreamers, to never give up,
Without them,
We would still be kids,
Not caring about others' emotions, or feelings,
Not thinking ahead, thinking of the future,
We would be nowhere,
Without them.

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