Friday, August 7, 2009

Now Where Do I Go?

You injected me into a stream of consciousness,
As my fingers lost all control,
And my soul took over.

Life is a wheel,
That's not a cliche,
It's a statement, it is but raw truth,
My life always seems to be on the opposite to everyone else,
I'm always down when everyone's up,
And up when everyone's down.

Difference is, when I'm up,
I'm there for people who are down,
But now I'm down,
And I see no one?
Why? Where'd they all go?

Simple things, such insignificant moments,
Can lead to something like this,
One... Two... Three,
Wow, three people are pissed at me,
Because of what I did,
That insignificant gesture,
Leads to this.

Now, you tell me,
Where do I go?

Cus you know what?
I have no idea.

Im clueless,
I asked for help,
Sent out a signal fire,
But only my pillow and whistles of the wind,
Come for "rescue".

Maybe I should just go back to what I was before,
Less to think about,
More time to myself.

Who cares as long as I don't hurt anyone,
except myself.

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