Friday, August 7, 2009

An Empty Mystery

I don't know what to think anymore,
Who to listen to, my heart or my head,
A complete enigma is what you are,
Questions... should I stop, or just go ahead..?

You got me chasin' after you,
Then you put up a brick wall,
Crush and burn, split into two,
Ohwell, it is just a heart after all.

I had voices telling me not to,
But hey, I decided to risk it,
I knew it could turn out like World War 2,
Bruised and scarred, torn into bits.

With your magnetic enigma you pulled me in,
That beautiful, intriguing mystery,
But then you took everything and threw it in the bin,
And suddenly my world is so so cloudy.

You are so hard to understand,
I know there is so much more to you,
Your pretty face is but a mere brand,
Behind those eyes, that smile, lays the truth.

I know what it's like,
I know it's easier to hide,
But I really wanted to know,
Why do you always let them go?

You made my life "interesting",
But that is truly an understatement,
You made me wanna dance, and sing,
Until you said his name, and it all went silent.

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