Friday, August 7, 2009

Stay Strong, Break Away

There’s always that time of your life,
When everything seems out of place,
Nothing seems right,
And it feels like your soul has left you.

You have no energy,
No reason,
No determination,
To live anymore.

It feels like everything you touch,
Everything you do, Everything you say,
Turns into a disaster,
And that’s when you have to remain strong.

Sometimes, the pressure is too hard,
And not everyone can take it,
Some take it out by anger,
Some by sitting alone and reminiscing,
Some people don’t let it show,
So that closed ones aren’t worried,
Because they don’t want attention,
They just want some time.

During these times,
it is important you stay strong,
You need a reason,
A determination,
And you will survive.
Without this,
Your soul will escape,
And fly,
Far, far away....

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