Friday, August 7, 2009

Brick to Concrete

You are still the same body,
Smiling the same smile,
Same eyes that still confuse me,
But yet, a completely different person?

I don't know what it is,
Can't even begin to wonder,
Empty mind... all I know is,
I'm a complete disaster.

Grown a dependence on your voice,
Those sweet, sweet words you speak,
Genuine or not, still they ably penetrate,
Through my cores, leading me to my weak.

The white walls around me,
Turn orange, green, everything,
As you sneak into my dreams,
From your secret riddle,
I try to find a meaning.

Maybe what I search,
Is non-existent.

Wishful thinking yet again,
My dreams beckon me,
Back away from reality,
In my head,
a very different view I see.

Of the brick wall I encountered previously,
I found a door to the other side,
Now I face another,
Solid, concrete,
Access denied,
Please delete?

Maybe I should stop trying to figure you out,
And start figuring myself out.

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