Friday, August 7, 2009

Eternal Memories

Flicking through albums,
Literally thousands of old pictures,
They come alive,
With memories, eternal memories,
Of happiness, sadness, joy, eternal memories.

On one page,
A picture of ones that have gone,
Turn the page,
A new life was born.

Oh, I miss them,
Never spoke to them much,
I was still a kid, No idea what was happening,
Everyone was crying, but nothing was registered in my mind,
I didn't know, I didn't know,
I'm sorry,
If only I could relive those times with you.

Then he was born,
Brought joy to the family,
He was the new prince,
The apple in everyone's eyes,
We were close, couldn't seperate us for anything,
In every picture,
We were hugging, laughing, smiling,
Oh, I miss those times.

They make memories from a hundred years ago,
Come alive again,
Like it happened yesterday.

Now, you know,
It's not just taking a camera and clicking a button,
It's more than that,
Much, much more,
It's all about capturing those magical moments,
Oh, amazing moments.

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