Friday, August 7, 2009

Oblivious Heartbreaker

Lies lies lies,
I've had enough,
Now it's time for goodbye,
This is where it gets tough.

You could fit two characters,
Maybe none, maybe both,
Oblivious, or a heartbreaker?
You choose, take an oath.

I wondered how someone could be so,
Oblivious to the obvious,
Like shooting an arrow from a crossbow,
You march so fearless,
Hit the bulls-eye with a deathblow.

Now as for the heartbreaker,
You say you know how he feels,
But yet you do the things you do,
Seriously, that's just fcking surreal.
You really do have no clue.

You say this is what they've done to you,
And for once, we have a mutual agreement,
You used to be so pure, so true,
You lived for the moment,
Give in to the others, you wouldn't.

I feel bad for blasting at you,
I really really do,
I just wanted you to know,
The real truth, and nothing but.

40 minutes,
Possibly our shortest conversation yet,
Ended with our end,
Like a game of Russian roulette...

"Look at me and forget what you know. I'm a heartless bitch", you said,
A confession, an empathic reasoning, or a final self realisation?

"Is this the end then?", he asked,
To which you replied,
"For now it is, I'm sorry".

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