Friday, August 7, 2009

Lost In Limerence

Let's fall in limerence,
Be it loving attachment or loving affection,
Let's all dive into this crazy state,
Experience intense joy, or extreme despair,
For it is worth it,
It can be life-changing, or life-shattering,
But it is worth it.

Limerence, takes time,
It could take seconds, hours, days,
Months, Years, Decades or maybe Centuries.
You could be one of the few lucky ones that experience it,
Or one of the few lucky ones that do not experience it,
Either way, you are lucky,
You are lucky, to have undergo-ed an experience others could only imagine of,
You are lucky, as you did not have to go through this crazy, crazy emotional state.

Let's fall in limerence,
When all you could think about is the her/him,
When all your dreams, and fantasies,
Are conquered by miraged illustrations,
Of a perfect love story,
Rescuing your princess/prince from a situation of peril,
Hoping, desiring, wishing for a reward.

Once you're in limerence,
Your soul travels out of your body,
Leaving it weak, faint, flaccid,
As confusion trembles in,
And the levels of hope and uncertainty are balanced.
You begin to experience a trance,
Where the little things are blown up,
Where a simple hand gesture, could be analysed endlessly,
In search of the truth.
Once you're in limerence,
You enter an enigmatic territory,
Confined by barricades,
Barricades which eliminate and destroy any desire of escaping,
Escaping limerence.

Let's all fall in limerence,
For it is worth it.

I am

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