Friday, August 7, 2009

1234, Tell Me That You Love Me More

Last night,
I slept in a blanket of tears,
Thinking about my greatest fears,
I was so down and lonely,
Waiting for your words,
For anything that had to do with you,
To pick me up again,
Because I fell,
And couldn't get up,
I felt one by one,
Pieces of my heart,
Being picked off,
Leaving a permanent scar,
One, by, one, pieces, fell off,
Into your palms,
as you clench it so tight,
What's left is dysfunctional,
Useless, worthless,
You've got the rest,
But why,
This feeling should be dead,
You should have returned those pieces,
Where are they,
Why can't I find them,
Help me.

Truth is, I'm scared.
Someone who can turn my emotions completely upside down
is definitely someone who is special to me,
and whenever someone does that, it scares the hell out of me,
Knowing that they can control me at the tip of their fingertips,
You can make me happy, sad, worried, angry,
and all you have to do is say a couple of words,
It scares me...
And I don't think I'm completely over you,
I don't know why,
But these things I feel when I think about you,
I don't think it's normal for friends to have for one another.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to ruin your summer,
So I'm not sending you this.
You don't want to know,
you don't need to know.
I want you to know...
But I can't.
You told me you'll always be here,
But that might just be the problem.

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